Login at :

username: johnpatrick

password: FJscI)sk^9dO3aObhy6$K!js


Navigate to projects > add new

  1. enter the title of the project
  2. enter the description of the project along with awards
  3. enter the client name
  4. enter the completion date
  5. click to add featured image
    1. a pop up will appear
    2. select the image, ensure theres blue tick on selected image
    3. click set as featured image
  6. to add images in the project, click Add image in the Project images section. a row will appear
  7. click on the add image button, a pop up will appear as it would on featured image. select the image and insert. repeat for all images.

once done scroll up and click publish or update button to save the project.



 Navigate to Media post > add media

  1. enter the title for the media post
  2. enter the description of the media, use H3 tag to wrap the title of the post
  3. enter the publication year
  4. click to insert featured image, as per previous instruction
  5. if it is going to external link, insert the url in here
  6. to add images to the media article, click add image. a row will appear. follow previous instruction in project section, it is the same method
  7. if wanting to use multiple thumbs on hover, add image in the MEDIA PAGE THUMBS section. a row will appear. instruction as per previous on adding multiple images

once done, scroll up to publish or update to save the media post.


Navigate to Pages > Home > Edit

  1. To add more images, click on add image. instruction is the same as previous in project section on how to add images
  2. to add link to the image so that it is clickable, click on select link. a pop up will appear
  3. to link internally, search the page in the search box. to link externally paste the url in the URL box. click ADD LINK once done.

once done editing the page, click UPDATE to save the changes


  Navigate to Pages > Contact / Service / Studio

  1. to add image to the left side, click add row. process is the same as before to add image(s)
  2. enter the details. use H3 to wrap the header, and H4 for the sub header

once done click UPDATE to save the changes